Climate Alarmism Liars Versus Climate Denialism Liars.

How Republican & Democrat Extremists Plan to Destroy Humanity.

The so-called Climate controversy features extremists from both the left and right who are both seeking to gain political support as opposed to actually solving the problem.  The general approach on the left involves exaggerations of the threat of Climate Change, supported by equally exaggerated scientific studies intended to manipulate bureaucrats into funding research projects, which I refer to in a recent publication[1] as “Panic Porn.”  In other words, Climate Alarmists believe that lying about the threat of Climate Change will arouse enough fear in the public to economically justify wasting billions on research, enhancing political power, and deriving economic support for political campaigns.  The recognition by extremists on the right that the left is using the threat of Climate Change as a manipulative tool to support power and profits, compels them to deny all of the good science that defines proven Climate Change risks and then to contend that there is not any threat at all!  By selfishly placing a greater value on political power and profits and completely forsaking any benefit to  Humanity, both the Republican and Democrat extremists have essentially joined forces to destroy humanity.  They are simply the opposite sides of the same coin.

In the book An Earthly Chance, I raised the possibility that both sides in the Climate debate suffer from a mental disorder, specifically from “malignant narcissism,” a term introduced by the great psychoanalyst Eric Fromm, which he described as the “Dark Tetrad”[2] of psychopathy, Machiavellianism, narcissism and sadism.  As Figure 2 on page 69 indicates,[3] the leftist researchers have profoundly exaggerated the rises in atmospheric CO2 levels in order to promote Panic Porn and manipulate funders to provide more research dollars. However, the data indicates that CO2 levels are indeed rising.  The earth is warming.  Instead of accepting the fact of CO2 elevations are rising and global warming is happening, albeit far less than the Panic Porning leftists promote, Climate deniers put their heads in the sand and proceed to deny it is happening at all!  Instead of being truthful and putting the welfare of humanity ahead of their political interests, the liars on the left and the liars on the right are essentially working together to destroy humanity.

A characteristic of many people who suffer from a mental disorder is denial.  They are often incapable of acknowledging that they are delusional and that they suffer from a mental disorder at all.  They are incapable of considering the solutions to their problems because they fail to admit that there even is a problem.  For instance, Climate panic porners on the left will fail to see that Climate Change can be solved through regenerative agriculture, which sequesters CO2 back into the soil and out of the atmosphere.  Even when it is pointed out to them that we have only 60 years of viable topsoil left on the planet[4] to grow food with, their delusional disorder will prevent them from seeing the truth.  Likewise, the Climate Denialism liars, the Republicans, when presented with this evidence, will discount it entirely because their mental disorder is that the reality of Climate Change does not exist at all.  Like a mental patient who sees things that don’t exist (Democrats) or who fails to see the obvious truth before them (Republicans), they deny and lie about reality.  Some of my psychiatry colleagues have even suggested to me that lying about reality is the whole basis for all mental disorders.

Both the Climate alarmism liars or (AKA Democrats), and the Climate denialism liars (AKA Republicans) pose a serious threat to humanity.  They are supporting each other by egging on the other side to react to their dishonesty.  Both sides need to break out of their delusions about Climate Change, stop lying, see the truthful reality of it, and solve the problem as has been outlined in my book.[5] 

The very survival of Humanity depends on getting honest and solving Climate Change.

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