The Necessity to Green the World’s Deserts

Please listen to this excellent TED Talk by Allan Savory, entitled:  How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change.

As you know, there is An Earthly Chance[1] that we can reverse Climate Change and modify the apocalyptic disasters related to Climate Change[2] through the application of the four main technologies promoted on the website,, and published in the book An Earthly Chance.  They are:

  1. Regenerative Agriculture
  2. Wood-Based Construction[3]
  3. Nuclear Power[4]
  4. Sun-shade Solar geoengineering

Intelligent rotation of grazing animals may be another option to rapidly address the desertification of the world as discussed in the Ted Talk presentation (link above), and consequently address Climate Change through sequestration of atmospheric carbon dioxide into arid soils.

I am compelled to be a lactovegetarian[5] and avoid cholesterol-laced foods because of strong genetic factors which cause atherosclerotic cardiovascular heart disease (ASCVD), and which greatly shortens the lifespans of many those genetically-related to me, especially the males.  I never knew my grandfathers and my younger brother perished relatively early in life from cardiovascular disease.  They did not benefit from the stenting procedures and the IV chelation therapies that has prevented my demise and could have extended their lives dramatically.  However, the consumption of animal products is relatively safe for many of the eight billion people in the world, and in fact may be necessary for those who live in the more arid regions of world where desertification now threatens to cause massive starvation and environmental disaster.

It remains scientifically unknown at this point in human history, if the intelligent application of regenerative agriculture principles can salvage most of these environmentally-threatened topsoils of the world caused by desertification.  One fact is certain however; humanity can not afford to discover in the decades ahead that regenerative agriculture might not be effective in rescuing these arid regions of the world.  The risk of consequent starvation of billions of human beings who live in these areas of the world is too high a price to pay, so we must resort for now to greening “the world’s deserts and revers(ing) climate change, as is suggested by Allan Savory in the link above.

My strong hunch is that regenerative agriculture and intelligent tree-farming practices, together with environmentally sound irrigation technologies, will work far better than the intelligent rotation of grazing animals into these arid regions of the world, to prevent starvation and to solve climate change and to achieve the salvation of the agricultural soils on our beleaguered planet.  My bias here is admittedly due in part to being an animal lover and I personally find the meat-eating obsessions of many humans to be medically dangerous and frankly cruel.  However, I must put my biases aside, if such practices will prevent the massive starvation and environmental disasters that are increasingly likely to happen.  Please consider the work of Allan Savory in the Ted Talk presentation above, to be a contributing factor in preventing an ecological disaster that now threatens all life.

[1] Gant C (2022) An Earthly Chance: Redefining the climate problem and presenting ethical solutions that give our planet AND humankind a chance to thrive.  Amazon.  See:

[2] – Estimates currently are that between 30% to 50% of the topsoils have been destroyed on our planet and that within 60 years we will lose all capacity to grow any food, which of course will result in widespread starvation of billions of human beings.

[3] Replacement of environmentally-damaging and carbon-polluting steel, concrete and aluminum with wood.  See: Grzegorz Pajchrowski, Andrzej Noskowiak, Anna Lewandowska, Wladysław Strykowski (2014) Wood as a building material in the light of environmental assessment of full life cycle of four buildings, Construction and Building Materials, Volume 52, 2014, pp. 428-436.

[4] Nuclear Power is by far the least polluting of all non-carbon-based forms of energy generation, including solar, hydroelectric and wind power generation.  The eco-propaganda against nuclear power is discussed in my work as simply another form of panic-porn, intended to scare people into accepting outright lies and promote the concentration of political power and profiteering into the hands of certain unscrupulous groups.

[5] I drink a small amount of skim milk.  Plant-based foods contain phytosterols which are well-known to counteract the artery clogging effects of animal based cholesterol.  See:

β-sitosterol, a prototypical phytosterol, is the best known of these substances in plants.