What is the real problem we face?

Well, there’s a few actually. 

Excessive Atmospheric Carbon (CO2)

To the extent that you believe that excess atmospheric carbon dioxide is dangerous and causing global warming and Climate Change, you must come to terms with what the climate movement’s leaders, researchers, governmental institutions, and media experts have concluded, that human beings will never give up food, electricity, cars, airplanes, healthcare and prosperity, almost all of which runs on the only cheap, dependable, portable, scalable, plentiful and indispensable form of energy, fossil fuels. The Climate Movement has failed, is failing and will always fail, because humans simply do not want to starve and humans love the gifts of prosperity. For instance, NASA recently stated when asked if it is too late to prevent climate change, “Even if we stopped emitting greenhouse gases today, global warming would continue to happen for at least several more decades, if not centuries.”

A Willingness to Learn About the Scientific Truth

Once you can admit that restrictions on fossil fuels has failed and must always fail to solve Climate Change, you could just walk away from this problem and go on with your life as if Climate Change, accelerating excessive atmospheric carbon dioxide and global warming is not happening. I understand. However, there is An Earthly Chance that you could become informed about The Only Possible Solution to Climate Change which just happens to be Moral, Science-Based, Economically- Responsible, and Health Promoting.

The Villain, for now, is Also A Hero

While fossil fuels account for most of the excessive carbon in the atmosphere, and they also cause a significant portion of the cancers, respiratory diseases and other health problems like autism, autoimmune disorders and dementia, they are also responsible for the production of 90% of the earth’s food supply that currently feeds over seven billion people. Modern healthcare also runs on fossil fuels. Additionally, world economies rely heavily on markets and products that require the use of fossil fuels at the moment. Therefore, until we find or innovate a viable alternative energy source, as inexpensive, reliable, portable, scalable and plentiful as fossil fuels, it would be impractical, irresponsible, and arguably unethical to declare it off-limits.

“There are two infinities, the Universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the Universe.”

"Einstein was wrong. Some Humans are smart and have figured out how to solve Climate Change."

Now THAT’S a real dilemma, and the sole reason we went searching for a chance to help our planet without harming ourselves.