Do we really have a chance?

The Climate Movement Has Failed and Can Never Succeed

“If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” ~ Albert Einstein

A young child can easily figure out the solution to Climate Change.  Try this simple experiment and prove it to yourself.  Simply close the drain in a bathtub and turn on the spigot and fill the bathtub up to increasingly higher levels.  Tell the child that you are playing a game, and pretending that the spigot cannot be turned off, and in fact the water flowing into the bathtub is increasing all the time.  Soon the bathtub will overflow and make a terrible mess.  All attempts to lower the flow of water into the bathtub have failed (game rules) and everyone has given up hope.  Invariably, a six-year-old child will tell you the solution and there is An Earthly Chance that you might see it too.  They might say “Just open the drain and let the water flow out of the bathtub.”  Gradually, if their advice is heeded, the water level goes down. 

A child’s simple mind, which is not damaged with propaganda, groupthink, scientific facts, and politically correct lies, can see right to the solution.  An adult, especially the best scientists and most powerful politicians in the world, with very cluttered minds, may be too conditioned and brain-washed to see the solution to escalating levels of water in a bathtub.  In other words, if carbon dioxide is steadily increasing in our atmosphere – analogous to increasing water levels in the bathtub – why is the lowering of atmospheric carbon by sequestration into the soils of the earth and into trees and plants, analogous to opening the drain in the bathtub, seem to be such a hard concept to grasp?  Perhaps we should hire six-year-olds to solve Climate Change.  Sometimes a child blows the whistle as in the Emperor’s New Clothes.[1]  The Climate Movement is indeed exactly analogous to the short story, The Emperor Has No Clothes.

No credible evidence exists that human beings will ever cut their global burning of fossil fuels.  Each year the worldwide consumption of fossil fuels increases.  While the USA has done a remarkable job of lowering fossil fuel burning by 12% in the last decade or so,[2] the other 95% of the people in the world has increased it by 22%.   Our efforts are not going to matter.  Climate activists may continue to “light one little candle rather than curse the darkness,” but the voices that curse the darkness are prevailing. Though the IPCC[3] continues to warn that we are moving inexorably toward doom, increasingly the consensus is that the burning of fossil fuels and the consequent global warming will continue to worsen.[4] 

And why not?  Fossil fuels are the only source of energy generation that is inexpensive, reliable, portable, scalable, and plentiful, and climate activists somehow expect the world to shift its generation of power to sources that are relatively scarce, more expensive, unreliable, unportable, and relatively non-scalable.  

Nope. Not going to happen.  Nada.  Nyet.  How will we stop the world?  Starve them?  Nuke them?  How?

The Climate Movement has failed. 

Despite 30 years of warnings by climatologists, the burning of fossil fuels continues to increase.  The admonition against the use of fossil fuels is like recommending that all humans stop having sex in order to stop the spread of venereal disease.  Human beings are not going to stop having sex despite the risk of venereal disease.  Sorry, that is a fact!  Human beings are not going to stop burning fossil fuels despite the adverse consequences.  Unless some new form of miraculous and inexpensive energy like fusion power becomes quickly and widely available, or the world runs out of fossil fuels completely, perhaps in 100 to 200 years, which will force us to shift to other sources of energy generation, fossil fuel burning will continue to accelerate. All evidence proves that the proverbial writing is on the wall.  The dawning realization is that it is too late even now to turn that tide, and the burning of fossil fuels will continue to escalate worldwide.  

The earth may continue to heat up, carbon dioxide will continue to increase, and the dire risks of Climate Change, whatever you believe them to be, will become more likely. 

The climate movement has failed and can never succeed.

Many books and publications by scientists have proven that increasing carbon dioxide levels do not hurt us anyway and that they do not cause many of the predicted changes except to make plants grow faster (CO2 is plant food).  Many books and publications by scientists have proven that slight rises in global warming do absolutely nothing to harm us.  The world has been vastly hotter and has endured much higher levels of carbon dioxide in ages past, and life carried on just fine.  Many books and publications by scientists suggest that we only need to wait a few decades for the truth to gradually become known, and the ridiculous predictions of Climate Change hucksters will then lose credibility.  That may have been true a few decades ago when good science and the truth actually mattered.  Now, the noise of the media and social media, and politicians, is so loud that it appears that most people can’t hear or find the truth or they don’t care even if they could.  For instance, if the Pentagon had released astonishing videos 20-50 years ago of UFOs performing aerial acrobatics that dwarf or best technologies, similar to the videos recently released, I believe the world would gone bonkers. 

What changed?  Now, far fewer people give a tinker’s damn.  The Pentagon knows this.  Nor do most people give a rat’s ass about the Climate Change scare tactics and lies.  Humph.. UFO’s, so what.  Climate Change lies, so what?

However, if we listen to our simple childlike logic, and avoid the drumbeat of media propaganda, it may not be too late to solve global warming.  Our simple, child-like truth can be heard, and we can begin to open the drain in the bathtub.  In other words, we can sequester excess atmospheric carbon into plants and the ground.  We can drain the “bathtub,” and take it out of the air regardless of how fast we are putting it into “the bathtub,” the atmosphere. 

Please suspend your complicated adult brain, relax, recognize that The Emperor Has No Clothes, be that child whistle blower, and understand the simple, childlike wisdom of the solution to Climate Change.  

[1] ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ is a short tale written by Hans Christian Andersen and published in 1837. This story is about an emperor who was sold a magnificent set of clothes by two swindlers that did not exist.  The moral of this story is that we can’t let pride keep us from speaking up when we know the truth.  The story ends when a child reveals the emptiness (indeed, non-existence) of the emperor’s ‘clothes’ and breaks the ‘spell’ the con-artists have laid over the town.

[2] Keep it up USA.  Go USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA!

[3] IPCC is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

[4] See these recent articles:,