The Only Sane

Solution to


• Moral
• Science-Based
• Economically-Responsible
• Health Promoting

Humane fossil fuel transitioning.

What is

An Earthly Chance?

An Idea

that the world will let go of the illusion that Climate Change solutions involve restricting the burning of fossil fuels, which has failed, is failing and will always fail.

An Idea

that the world will seek solutions to Climate Change that actually work and are Moral, Science-Based, Economically-Responsible, and Health Promoting

How does it work?

After years of research we’ve concluded that the issue of climate change and human health can be vastly improved by implementing these four scientifically proven methods to reduce and sequester carbon (remove it from the atmosphere).


Regenerative Agriculture

Draws down atmospheric carbon into soils to cool the earth AND detoxifies and enriches food for humans and animals.


Tree Farming

Draws down atmospheric carbon into lumber for construction to cool the earth AND creates long term storage in the wood for human waste.


Sunshade Solar Geoengineering

Veils the earth and cools it down while giving other 3 methods time to become better established AND blocks harmful UV frequencies that cause skin cancer. 


Alternative Forms of Energy

Reduces carbon by further establishing alternatives to fossil fuel energy production (e.g. nuclear, hydroelectric, solar, wind, geothermal) and make them a viable replacement.

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