Climate Change – Why Only a Childlike Mind Can See the Solution

Matthew 18:3 KJV: And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. ~Jesus of Nazareth

The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives. ~ Albert Einstein

Many of us have happened upon the solution to Climate Change.  That solution is simple and relatively few sophisticated adults are capable of seeing it, which puzzles us greatly.  As both Jesus and Einstein, two of my heroes suggested, an understanding of life’s greatest mysteries may only be possible by a child’s simple mind, so I decided to perform an experiment to test this hypothesis.

Next, I tried the experiment on a few adults, who insisted that I not let the water overflow and to turn off the spigot.  Even after informing them that the rules of the experiment were that the spigot could not be touched, they insisted that I must turn it off or risk causing a serious flooding problem and an expensive plumbing bill.  They got towels to prepare to mop up the floor.  They threatened to turn off the water in the whole house in the basement if I did not desist from this stupid experiment. 

This inability of sophisticated adults to solve the problem of excess carbon dioxide that is flooding into our atmosphere and causing global warming, is exactly the same as the excess water in a bathtub.  It is the warning given to us by Jesus and Einstein.  We adults can’t easily see the solution to Climate Change because our minds are cluttered with too much sophisticated knowledge, greed and pet theories.  This explains why you may never have heard about the solution to Climate Change, because the propaganda about “turning off the spigot,” a solution that can’t and won’t ever happen in this century at least, the discontinuation of the burning of fossil fuels, probably sounds perfectly logical to your adult brain.

If I asked you what the solution for Climate Change is, chances are you still don’t see it.  Your adult brain may still not let you acknowledge the simple, child-like solution.  OK, enough suspense.  The answer, that almost no one sees, is rarely acknowledged and never makes to the headlines, is to draw down the atmospheric carbon dioxide and sequester it into plants and trees that require it to generate cellulose in the form of plant fiber.  Photosynthesis follows a simple formula:  Six molecules of carbon dioxide plus 6 molecules of water are reacted in the chloroplasts of plants using photons of sunlight (energy) to produce one molecule of glucose (sugar) and six molecules of oxygen. 

Animals (like us) take the formula in the opposite direction and burn the sugar and oxygen to produce energy, carbon dioxide and water.  The energy we extract from food is mostly converted into ATP which is the basic fuel that allows our cells to function.

Glucose can be converted into fat in our bodies which can also be converted into ATP and this has been going on for hundreds of millions of years in animals who have lived and died and accumulated underground and at the bottoms of the oceans in large storage sites.  Our modern technology has dredged up and mined the carbon stored as oil, coal or natural gas from eons of accumulated carbon and we have burned this material as fossil fuels for energy for over 100 years.  In the Northern Hemisphere we burn about 100 times the calories that our bodies are capable of burning[1] as fossil fuels which runs out modern economy.  We deposit the burned carbon into the atmosphere, as carbon dioxide, which is insulating the earth and causing global warming and Climate Change.  If we stop burning the carbon that is mined and drilled for from under the ground, our economy could suffer and the 40 million tractors in the world and other farm machinery that plants, harvests, grows and processes food could cease.  While western countries, the “haves,” have decreased the burning of fossil fuels marginally, the rest of the world (many are labeled as the “have nots”) have accelerated their burning of fossil fuels and will do so for the foreseeable future.  They don’t want to starve.

[1] About 2000 calories per day